VMware Multi-Cloud Briefing July 2021

Organizations of all industries and sizes are adopting a multi-cloud strategy to meet the demands of today and tomorrow. So much so, that 80% of organizations expect to support a distributed model for cloud apps across public, private, and edge environments in the next three years.

Whether to support diverse business needs or leverage best-of-breed functionalities by aligning app needs to specific cloud capabilities – a multi-cloud strategy provides the speed, flexibility, and scalability organizations require to adapt and thrive under any circumstances.

However, in this new multi-cloud world, customers contend with applications in different environments and different stages of modernization. Incompatible architectures between clouds, diverse management and operations, and inconsistent security policies combine to bring a level of complexity and risk that challenge the inherent benefits of multi-cloud.

At VMware, we saw the inevitability of a multi-cloud world and have spent the last several years delivering innovative solutions that bring customers the choice, speed, and control they need to tackle challenges and drive business value.

On July 12, join your peers from around the world for our quarterly VMware Multi-Cloud Briefing, where you’ll hear the latest in VMware multi-cloud solutions, expert recommendations for managing and optimizing your multi-cloud environment, and how our customers at GfK and Salesforce have successfully accelerated business transformation in the cloud.

What is the VMware Multi-Cloud Quarterly Briefing?

The VMware Multi-Cloud Briefing is a global, online event focused on enabling organizations to accelerate multi-cloud strategies in the face of rapidly evolving business requirements. The sessions are available to view online from around the world live and on-demand. Each quarter, we feature new speakers, topics, solutions, and customers, all dedicated to informing, engaging, and enabling the cloud community to succeed in a multi-cloud world.

What can I expect from the Multi-Cloud Briefing in July 2021?

The VMware Multi-Cloud Briefing in July will focus on managing and optimizing a multi-cloud environment. You will hear:

Exclusive cloud market and industry insights

Based on the latest VMware research and industry reports, you’ll hear exclusive insights into the cloud market landscape, with special attention to the state of multi-cloud. Our executives will share their vision for the future of the cloud and how new and emerging solutions are shaping the next generation of digital transformation.

Practical multi-cloud management strategies

Whether you’re just dipping your toes into cloud waters, or you’ve already plunged head-first into multi-cloud operations, you’ll walk away with new, practical strategies to monitor, optimize, and secure your cloud environment. We’ll provide expert guidance for organizations at every stage of the multi-cloud journey, and across the key areas of cloud management maturity: cloud financial management, performance and operations, and security and compliance.

Customer stories from GfK and Salesforce

As part of our July 2021 Multi-Cloud Briefing, we’re excited to host discussions with GfK and Salesforce on their experiences operationalizing multi-cloud environments. They’ll be sharing lessons learned, best practices, and the key capabilities and solutions they’ve added to their portfolio that have helped drive desired business outcomes.

vmware multi-cloud briefing speakers

Do I need to sign up? What are the next steps?

No sign up or registration is necessary. The VMware Multi-Cloud Quarterly Briefing is an open opportunity designed to inform, engage, and empower executives, practitioners, thought leaders, and anyone with a stake in accelerating business transformation in the cloud. Whether you’re looking to optimize what it takes to manage an on-premises data center, or to enable development teams to build modern and agile applications, the VMware Multi-Cloud Briefing is for you!

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We can’t wait for you to join us on July 12. In the meantime, if you’re looking for more information about multi-cloud management or VMware solutions, we encourage you to check out the following resources:

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