Tech field Day 22: Delivering on-demand, easy to use Disaster Recovery as a Service solution with cloud economics

We are happy to share that we will be presenting at Tech Field Day 22 with an exciting hot new topic: Optimized DRaaS with VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery.

Tech Field Day is a series of invite-only technical meetings between delegates invited from around the world and sponsoring enterprise IT companies that share their products and ideas through presentations, demos, roundtables, and more. And at Tech Field Day 22, VMware experts will talk about our newest offering: VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery.

VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery offers on-demand disaster recovery, delivered as an easy-to-use SaaS solution, with cloud economics. It combines cost-efficient cloud storage with simple SaaS-based management for IT resiliency at scale, and customers benefit from a ‘pay when you need’ failover capacity model for DR resources.

In Tech Field Day 22 happening on 11th December 2020, there will be series of sessions where VMware experts will present technical deep-dive content on VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery. There will be some demos and live Q&A with the industry experts as well.

Here is a detailed agenda for you:

Date/Time Title Abstract Speakers
12/11/2020: 7:30 AM-7:50 AM PST VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery Solution Overview Disaster recovery (DR) has always been important to organizations of all sizes. But with today’s pandemic and resulting acceleration of digital transformation, it’s now critical to be able to recover a large set of IT services in the event of ransomware or other disasters. Understand how VMware’s newest DRaaS offering can help customers with this critical business need. Mark Chuang

Senior Director, Product Marketing

12/11/2020: 7:55 AM-8:15 AM PST VMware Cloud DR Demo: DR Failover Learn the operational steps to DR failover workloads from an on-premises vSphere environment to a VMware Cloud on AWS. This demo-based session will provide a technical walkthrough of executing a DR plan and review the details of a working DR environment. Michael McLaughlin

Sr Technical Marketing Architect

12/11/2020: 8:20 AM-8:40 AM PST VMware Cloud DR Architecture: Scale-out Cloud File System Having replicated copies in the cloud is not enough when ransomware or other disasters strike! Learn about key technical innovations in VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery, from Datrium’s co-founder and CTO, that make VMware’s solution easy to use and highly differentiated from other offerings in the market. Sazzala Reddy

Chief Technologist

12/11/2020: 8:50 AM-9:10 AM PST VMware Cloud DR Demo: Setting up a DR Plan Configuring a DR solution for initial use is a simple, straightforward process. This demo-based session will cover the key steps needed for initial deployment, including protected sites, protection groups and DR plan construction. Michael McLaughlin

Sr Technical Marketing Architect

12/11/2020: 9:15 AM-9:35 AM PST VMware Cloud DR Architecture: SaaS Orchestrator and Cloud Service Configuration VMware Cloud DR greatly simplifies the process of setting up a DR plan with its built-in DR orchestration capabilities. Get a technical deep dive into these capabilities and other important technical considerations such as access control and networking configuration. Nabil Quadri

Group Product Manager

12/11/2020: 9:40 AM-10:00 AM PST VMware Cloud DR Demo: Compliance checks and DR tests Regular testing and checks on your DR plans greatly increase your confidence that the DR system will work when disaster strikes. This demo-based technical session will cover the testing and health check (compliance) aspects of the VMware Cloud DR solution. Michael McLaughlin

Sr Technical Marketing Architect

12/11/2020: 10:00 AM-10:15 AM PST Q&A

How to view and listen to these sessions live/on-demand:

There are multiple ways you can view the live sessions:

  1. Go to and watch live stream there
  2. Like VMware Facebook Page or Tech Field Day Facebook Page and watch live stream there

Also, you will see all the live updates as well as recorded sessions on the following channels:

  • Follow @vmwarecloudaws and @TechFieldDay for the live updates
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All the Videos will be available to you on-demand on following avenues:

Looking forward to providing you some great information about VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery on December 11th, 2020 at Tech Field Day 22. Connect to the live streams and don’t miss this opportunity to learn more about this new DRaaS offering from VMware.

Meanwhile, if you want to learn more about VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery, please check out the website.

And we will see you at Tech Field Day 22!!!

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