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GitOps and the Cloud Operating Model

GitOps is becoming an essential part of the cloud operating model, enabling the application of DevOps best practices to the management of infrastructure, improving the speed and quality of infrastructure service delivery, and maturing infrastructure

DevOps Technology: Everything as Code

Application developers have long known the benefits of maintaining application code and configuration variables in a standardized text format – allowing efficient code sharing, versioning, and reuse. Modern infrastructure tooling has evolved to similarly drive

Self-Service Google Cloud VMware Engine with vRealize Automation Cloud! 01.21 vRealize Automation Cloud Launch Update

For companies that are invested in on-prem datacenters, moving to the public cloud is no trivia task. While many of our customers are eager to “get out of the datacenter” business and exploit the seamless

Podcast: Architecting your approach to multi-cloud resource provisioning.

In our latest multi-cloud architecture podcast, Eric Nielsen (@ericnpro) and I (@davidj7494) sat down with Cody Carlson to explore concepts associated with automating the deployment of infrastructure in both the data center and the cloud. 

DevOps Processes: Value Stream Mapping

Value Stream Mapping (VSM) has become a powerful tool for organizations to continuously improve their DevOps processes. Learn how you can eliminate bottlenecks from your production workflows using VSM with vRealize Cloud Management. Value Stream

Dedicated Hosts, Operational Alerts and More in vRealize Automation Cloud; 11.20 Launch Update

Control over AWS instances and collaboration between vRealize Automation and Operations are … The post Dedicated Hosts, Operational Alerts and More in vRealize Automation Cloud; 11.20 Launch Update appeared first on VMware Cloud Community.

‘Cloud Is’ – Part Three – Control

Cloud silos can pose a barrier to efficiency, scalability and innovation. With VMware vRealize … The post ‘Cloud Is’ – Part Three – Control appeared first on VMware Cloud Community.

What vRealize Cloud Management Can Do for VMware Cloud on AWS

Cloud Field Day 9 was jam-packed with demos and deep dives into how vRealize Cloud Management can enhance the VMware Cloud on AWS experience. If you missed it, here’s a recap. We’re excited to share

Catch Up on All Things Cloud From VMworld 2020

Whether you missed key sessions or the whole event, much of VMworld 2020 is now available online for you to dip into at your leisure. Catch up on all the on-demand content – including these

DevOps Technology: Continuous Everything

Original blog posted on September 27th. The best DevOps teams promote a culture of continuous improvement. It’s a culture that can be embraced by I&O teams, too. Learn how two software development best practices –