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GitOps and the Cloud Operating Model

GitOps is becoming an essential part of the cloud operating model, enabling the application of DevOps best practices to the management of infrastructure, improving the speed and quality of infrastructure service delivery, and maturing infrastructure

Self-Service Google Cloud VMware Engine with vRealize Automation Cloud! 01.21 vRealize Automation Cloud Launch Update

For companies that are invested in on-prem datacenters, moving to the public cloud is no trivia task. While many of our customers are eager to “get out of the datacenter” business and exploit the seamless

Podcast: Architecting your approach to multi-cloud resource provisioning.

In our latest multi-cloud architecture podcast, Eric Nielsen (@ericnpro) and I (@davidj7494) sat down with Cody Carlson to explore concepts associated with automating the deployment of infrastructure in both the data center and the cloud. 

Automation the Engine for Innovation

IT needs to innovate with companies moving towards digital businesses. They need to deliver applications faster then ever before. Automation is the key element that delivers the agility to IT organizations to move towards becoming

Dedicated Hosts, Operational Alerts and More in vRealize Automation Cloud; 11.20 Launch Update

Control over AWS instances and collaboration between vRealize Automation and Operations are … The post Dedicated Hosts, Operational Alerts and More in vRealize Automation Cloud; 11.20 Launch Update appeared first on VMware Cloud Community.

What vRealize Cloud Management Can Do for VMware Cloud on AWS

Cloud Field Day 9 was jam-packed with demos and deep dives into how vRealize Cloud Management can enhance the VMware Cloud on AWS experience. If you missed it, here’s a recap. We’re excited to share

Delete a VCF VI workload domain using vRA

In part four of our Automating VMware Cloud Foundation Series, we show you how leveraging vRealize Orchestrator (vRO) and VCF’s SDDC Manager APIs can benefit deleting VI Workload Domains using Automation. In my previous post

Establish a Cloud Operating Model with vRealize Automation Cloud; 10.20 Launch Update

With so many organizations on a march to cloud, the need for solid operational processes and management strategies grows. We’re delighted to announce some new features of vRealize Automation Cloud that enable this, delivering enhanced

Automating VMware Cloud Foundation: Consumable IT Services from the Cloud

We’ve launched a four-part blog series showcasing how Automating VMware Cloud Foundation can benefit IT Consumers and IT providers. In part one, we introduce the use cases we’ll cover throughout the series and discuss the