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VMware IT Enables App Developers and Ops Teams to Deliver a Delightful Experience to Customers, Partners, and Colleagues

by Hari Ramakrishnan, VP Cloud Services and SaaS Transformation VMware IT supports a diverse set of applications, environments, and technology platforms. Our developers need to rapidly build and deploy modern apps into a stable, scalable

How VMware IT Runs Modern Applications Better and Faster

by Varinder Kumar, Senior IT Director Manas Singh, IT Manager—Application Platforms, and Pervinder Sudan, Lead DevOps Engineer This is the third blog of our series on app modernization using the VMware IT Chief Digital Transformation

What’s New with VMware Cloud on AWS: Improved Compliance, Workload protection and Enhancement in scale, usage and migration capabilities

With 3+ years in the market, VMware Cloud on AWS is helping customer accelerate their hybrid cloud journey in a fast, cost-effective manner with minimal risk and has garnered real-world satisfaction among customers and partners

Architecting an approach for modernizing apps in multi-cloud world

Wait… I know what you are thinking. Not another blog telling me I need to 12 factor all my apps, microservice everything and move everything to the cloud. At the same time, I should relinquish

Cloud exit planning continued (part two of two)

In part one of this two-part series, I laid out the major reasons why organizations need to integrate cloud exit planning into their overall cloud strategies.  If you haven’t already read part one, you can

How VMware IT Accelerates Modern Applications Delivery at Scale

By Senior Director IT Varinder Kumar, IT Director Mehul Patel, IT Manager—Application Platforms Manas Singh, Lead Dev/Ops Engineer Pervinder Sudan In the first blog of our series on app modernization, we introduced the VMware IT

VMware Cloud on AWS: Winner of CRN’s 2020 Products of The Year: Best Hybrid Cloud solution based on Customer Demand

We’re excited to let you know that VMware Cloud on AWS is named winner of the Customer Demand Subcategory under Hybrid Cloud in CRN’s 2020 Products Of The Year. The recognition of this award highlights

VMware Pivotal Labs Joins the AWS Partner Network as a Consulting Partner

We’re thrilled to announce that VMware Pivotal Labs is now an AWS Partner Network (APN) Consulting Partner for app modernization and software development. VMware Pivotal Labs is the software consulting arm of VMware Tanzu, itself


How VMware IT Taps into Valuable Diagnostic Insights with VMware Tanzu Observability by Wavefront

By: Brian Danaher, Director of IT Architecture and Tools, Jois Raghavendra B P, Senior Manager, IT Tools and Ravishankar Rao, Enterprise Monitoring Tools Architect As VMware continued to invest in SaaS and build out their


VMware IT’s Journey with Tanzu Kubernetes Grid on vSAN

    By Swapnil Hendre, Director of Solutions Engineering and Design,  Jason Hutson, Senior Cloud Infrastructure Engineer, Kandy O’Mara, Director of Cloud Infrastructure, Telmo Rodrigues, Senior Cloud Infrastructure Engineer, Manas Singh, Senior Applications Administrator, and