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ESXi on RPi – Create EEPROM and Firmware SD Card with PowerShell

The installation of ESXi on a Raspberry Pi using the ESXi on ARM Fling basically involves 3 steps: Patch RPi EEPROM to the latest version using an SD card. You can reuse the SD card

ESXi on Raspberry Pi – Quick way to update EEPROM

Step 3.2 from the official ESXi on ARM Fling guide describes the installation of Raspberry Pi Os just for the purpose of checking that the EEPROM is up-to-date. If you do not have a preinstalled

Playing Doom with VMware ESXi on Arm Fling running on Raspberry Pi

Yesterday I posted a screenshot on Twitter showing Doom that runs on top of the ESXi on ARM Fling, installed on a Raspberry Pi. I got a few requests to share instructions, so here is

iPerf3 for ESXi on ARM Fling

When you try to run iPerf3 on ESXi Arm Edition, the following message is displayed: [root@esxipi1:~] /usr/lib/vmware/vsan/bin/iperf3/usr/lib/vmware/vsan/bin/iperf3: line 2: syntax error: unexpected “(“ The version of iPerf3 that comes with the Fling is not compiled

ESXi with USB NIC for vSAN and Storage – A Good Idea?

About a month ago, the USB Native Driver Fling has added support for 2.5 Gbit Network adapters. Until then it was clear that the embedded network interface is faster and more stable, compared to a