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2021 Cloud Market Insights: Driving Digital Business With Modern Apps and Multi-Cloud Transformation

Every organization is now defined by the digital services it delivers. From engaging customers with new experiences, to building new revenue opportunities, and driving digital-first touchpoints that protect and enable customers and communities, these services

Cloud Operating Model for Multi-Cloud – Part 2

In the previous post we looked at what a cloud operating model is and what the typically journey is for enterprises today. It showed that I&O organizations today need to transform their existing infrastructure to


Cloud Operating Model for Multi-Cloud

In the previous blog post about multi-cloud we talked about multi-cloud and what the impact it has to the I&O organization. And for most I&O organizations it is a journey to move from traditional IT

Podcast: Improve Modern App Performance Leveraging Observability Framework

Observability has become a very hot topic in the world of application development and IT operations but understanding what it is and how you can effectively leverage it to support modern apps is also important

‘Cloud Is’ – Part Four – Technical Debt

IT resources are critical, and managing IT debt is a full time job. When managing your IT infrastructure is technical debt your top financial priority? Should it be? Let’s take a look at what can

Reference Architecture: Architecting for app mobility in a multi-cloud environment.

The need to have a multi-cloud operations model is an area that is gaining mind share as companies look to increase IT operational efficiency across the multiple cloud environments they need to support.   Some reasons

Mark Your Calendars – The Modern Network for a Future Ready Business

Applications are going through a major transformation – they are becoming more dynamic, complex, and distributed.  They are often built on cloud-native principles and run on-premises and in the cloud.  As we speak with our customers and industry analysts, we consistently