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Evolving the VMware vSphere Security Configuration Guides

If you’ve watched any of my YouTube videos over the last year or so you know that I’m fond of Bruce Schneier’s essay “The Process of Security.” He wrote it in the year 2000, and

Why Choose VMware Virtualization for Kubernetes and Containers

Over the past 20+ years, virtualization has become a standard infrastructure building block for hundreds of millions of applications, including those on public cloud. It triumphed because of the powerful abstraction it provides over physical

6 Reasons Why Virtual Hands-On Learning is Here to Stay

The shift to virtual training is gaining pace – and not just because of the pandemic. The ability to deliver hands-on learning to anyone, anywhere, at cloud scale has broad business benefits, as we explore

Deploy Container Service Extension (CSE 3.0) in VMware Cloud Director 10.2

With the release of Cloud Director 10.2, the Container Service Extension 3.0 has been released. With CSE 3.0 you can extend your cloud offering by providing Kubernetes as a Service. Customers can create and manage

Monitoring Kubernetes in the Cloud

Kubernetes is becoming a standard with the cloud. This means cloud operators need to be able to manage and monitor Kubernetes in the cloud. VMware helps them with vRealize Operations. Kubernetes is now becoming an

How VMware IT Delivers Effective Vulnerability Management. Hint! It Takes More Than Technology (Part 2)

By Colin Minihan, Director, Cloud Application Security In part one of our blog series, we discussed how VMware IT used technology to advance its approach to vulnerability management for addressing changes to the development and

Podcast: Architecting your approach to multi-cloud resource provisioning.

In our latest multi-cloud architecture podcast, Eric Nielsen (@ericnpro) and I (@davidj7494) sat down with Cody Carlson to explore concepts associated with automating the deployment of infrastructure in both the data center and the cloud. 

Cloud exit planning continued (part two of two)

In part one of this two-part series, I laid out the major reasons why organizations need to integrate cloud exit planning into their overall cloud strategies.  If you haven’t already read part one, you can

How VMware IT Modernized Their Monitoring Tools

By: George Stephen Manuel, Senior Monitoring Tools and Automation Engineer, Ravishankar Rao, Enterprise Monitoring Tools Architect, Satyanarayanaraju Bhupathiraju, Programmer/Analyst, Professional As VMware continued to make acquisitions and drive organic growth, the infrastructure monitoring landscape expanded

‘Cloud Is’ – Part Four – Technical Debt

IT resources are critical, and managing IT debt is a full time job. When managing your IT infrastructure is technical debt your top financial priority? Should it be? Let’s take a look at what can