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Evolving the VMware vSphere Security Configuration Guides

If you’ve watched any of my YouTube videos over the last year or so you know that I’m fond of Bruce Schneier’s essay “The Process of Security.” He wrote it in the year 2000, and

DevOps Technology: Everything as Code

Application developers have long known the benefits of maintaining application code and configuration variables in a standardized text format – allowing efficient code sharing, versioning, and reuse. Modern infrastructure tooling has evolved to similarly drive

Self-Service Google Cloud VMware Engine with vRealize Automation Cloud! 01.21 vRealize Automation Cloud Launch Update

For companies that are invested in on-prem datacenters, moving to the public cloud is no trivia task. While many of our customers are eager to “get out of the datacenter” business and exploit the seamless

How VMware IT Runs Modern Applications Better and Faster

by Varinder Kumar, Senior IT Director Manas Singh, IT Manager—Application Platforms, and Pervinder Sudan, Lead DevOps Engineer This is the third blog of our series on app modernization using the VMware IT Chief Digital Transformation

Achieving Ideal Balance with VMware NSX Advanced Load Balancer (formerly Avi Networks)

By Swapnil Hendre, Director of Solutions Engineering and Design, Mukund Yadav, IT Director Infrastructure—Application Operations, Chakravarthy Gajula, Lead Middleware Administrator and Ashok Raj R D, Lead DevOps Engineer, all VMware VMware’s legacy appliance-based load balancer

How VMware IT Accelerates Modern Applications Delivery at Scale

By Senior Director IT Varinder Kumar, IT Director Mehul Patel, IT Manager—Application Platforms Manas Singh, Lead Dev/Ops Engineer Pervinder Sudan In the first blog of our series on app modernization, we introduced the VMware IT

How VMware IT Delivers Effective Vulnerability Management. Hint! It Takes More Than Technology (Part 1)

By Colin Minihan, Director, Cloud Application Security The traditional view of vulnerability management is mostly about patch management, which is only one element of a comprehensive cybersecurity program. New models of working offer both challenges

DevOps Processes: Value Stream Mapping

Value Stream Mapping (VSM) has become a powerful tool for organizations to continuously improve their DevOps processes. Learn how you can eliminate bottlenecks from your production workflows using VSM with vRealize Cloud Management. Value Stream

Building DevOps Solutions with Amazon Timestream, Open Source Telegraf and Grafana

Learn how you can configure your DevOps applications using open source Telegraf to send data to Amazon Timestream without changing a single line of application code. Learn more about using Timestream with open source Telegraf


VMware IT’s Journey with Boomi CI/CD for Deployment of Heterogeneous Applications

  By Jitendra Nath, Lead Applications Developer, and Pervinder Sudan, Lead DevOps Engineer, both VMware With the onboarding of the Boomi-as-an-iPaaS* solution, the number of heterogeneous applications leveraging VMware IT’s Boomi platform—both on-premise and in the cloud—increased