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VMware Multi-Cloud Briefing July 2021

Organizations of all industries and sizes are adopting a multi-cloud strategy to meet the demands of today and tomorrow. So much so, that 80% of organizations expect to support a distributed model for cloud apps


2021 Cloud Market Insights: Driving Digital Business With Modern Apps and Multi-Cloud Transformation

Every organization is now defined by the digital services it delivers. From engaging customers with new experiences, to building new revenue opportunities, and driving digital-first touchpoints that protect and enable customers and communities, these services

VMware NSX Advanced Firewall for VMware Cloud on AWS

We are pleased to announce a major expansion of VMware Cloud on AWS Network Security portfolio with the introduction of VMware NSX Advanced Firewall add-on. As you migrate and modernize your applications on the cloud,

7 Steps to Improve Your Cloud Security Posture Management

As enterprises continue to rapidly adopt cloud computing, cloud security remains a primary concern. According to Cybersecurity Insiders, 94% of cybersecurity professionals confirm they’re at least moderately concerned about public cloud security, with 69% of


Public Cloud Spend and Usage Trends: How 2020 Changed the Way We Use the Cloud

2020 was a year like no other. The COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent government-imposed restrictions introduced new realities for everyone. For some businesses, the economic pressure of these restrictions made cost-cutting measures the top priority, while

AI/ML for Enterprise: Part 1 (Performance, Scale and Multi-Tasking)

In a recent post I talked about the exciting new topics that came up at the recent NVIDIA GTC. I talked about NVIDIA and VMware’s partnership, and specifically some bits about the AI Ready Enterprise

Cloud Operating Model for Multi-Cloud – Part 2

In the previous post we looked at what a cloud operating model is and what the typically journey is for enterprises today. It showed that I&O organizations today need to transform their existing infrastructure to


Cloud Operating Model for Multi-Cloud

In the previous blog post about multi-cloud we talked about multi-cloud and what the impact it has to the I&O organization. And for most I&O organizations it is a journey to move from traditional IT


Introducing VMware Cloud: Multi-Cloud Services for Any App in Any Cloud

Infrastructure and App Modernization Challenges Today we see incredible demand for digital–first services, from telemedicine to distance learning to touchless systems in retail and financial services. But the reality is the pace of business-wide transformation

A Developer’s Guide to VMware Application Catalogs

Over the years, VMware has built vital products for our vibrant user base – from Developers, DevOps users, IT Admins & Cloud Admins to Security Admins & Database Admins. Our customers use VMware products, in