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VMware Marketplace: How We Built a One-Stop Shop for All Ecosystem Solutions

With over 2,000 solutions from more than 800 partners, the VMware Marketplace is booming. And … The post VMware Marketplace: How We Built a One-Stop Shop for All Ecosystem Solutions appeared first on VMware Cloud

Tanzu Kubernetes Licensing in vSphere 7.0 Update 1

With the release of vSphere 7.0 Update 1, VMware introduced a new licensing model for its Tanzu Kubernetes integration. Basically, the licensing has been changed from an ESXi-Host license to a Cluster license that looks

VMware NSX-T 3.1 – What’s new and Upgrade Best Practices

Posted by Florian Grehl on November 14, 2020 With the release of NSX-T 3.1, VMware has further improved the key innovations shipped in NSX-T 3.0. This article takes a quick look at the new features and provides Upgrade Best Practices

Helping UK Public Sector Organisations Define Cloud Strategy

Cloud computing services have grown exponentially in recent years. In many cases they are the driving force behind industry 4.0, or the fourth industrial revolution, enabling Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), or the

Photon OS announces migration to New Package Repository

Photon OS currently hosts the required packages and other artifacts using public servers on Bintray. As such, when a user issues any tdnf commands, Photon OS looks for the package updates in the Bintray repository.  Going forward, we will be transitioning away from this service to one that is hosted at packages.vmware.com/photon. Over the last few weeks the team

The Fast Lane for Data Transfer – Paravirtual RDMA(PVRDMA) Support for Native Endpoints.

Overview   Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA) is a revolutionary technology that enables host devices (devices connected over a network) to read and write data present in their main memory without the CPU’s and the operating

Learn How vSphere Will Power Your Future Career: Join the VMUG Event on Oct 15

If you want to invest in your career for the next decade (and beyond!) using the power of VMware vSphere, make sure you register and join the VMUG Professional Development Virtual Event. On October 15,

vSphere With Tanzu – Getting Started with vDS Networking Setup

(By Michael West, Technical Product Manager, VMware) With the release of vSphere 7 Update 1, VMware has extended the capability of vSphere with Tanzu (formerly vSphere 7 with Kubernetes) to more fully support your existing

Better vMotion for Graphics with EVC for GPUs

Overview Various vendors offer Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) cards with different capabilities for various use cases. GPUs were developed as a specialized tool for processing images mainly for videogames and video rendering and editing software. However, recently they are being used in a growing number of CPU intensive use cases that are not

How to Upgrade vRealize Operations Manager 7.0 to 8.0 Step by Step

vRealize Operations manager is completed monitoring solution from VMware for private, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments. Many organizations uses vRealize Operations Manager in their environment to monitor their private cloud environment. In this post we will