Provisioning Virtual Machines with PowervRA

This post will walk through using PowervRA to provision virtual machines from vRA catalog items. PowervRA is a powerful tool allowing us to automate and customise vRA configuration and deployments by leveraging the RESTFUL API.

Setting Manual DFW Override for NSX Restore

The recommended restore process for NSX Manager is to deploy a new OVA of the same version, and restore the configuration. After a recent failed upgrade we needed to restore NSX Manager, so deployed a

Updating ESXi Vendor Images with Latest Patches

This post will walk through updating a vendor specific ESXi image with updated VIBs. In this instance we are applying patch ESXi650-201803001 which bundles the esx-base, esx-tboot, vsan, and vsan health VIBs (ESXi650-201803401-BG) with the updated CPU

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