Intro to Google Cloud VMware Engine – HCX Configuration

This post is the fifth in a series on Google Cloud VMware Engine and Google Cloud Platform. This post walks through the configuration of HCX with Terraform to facilitate the migration of VMs. Now that

Multi-Cloud Use Maturity – Competency in onboarding the cloud

This is part two in a multi-part series introducing a framework for assessing multi-cloud use maturity.  A comprehensive eBook on the framework can be found here.  At the end of the blog, you’ll find a

How to Convert Physical Server to Virtual Machine P2V

VMware vCenter Converter is used for converting the physical servers into virtual machine which is also called P2V. In this post we will see on how to convert physical server to virtual machine P2V step

All About the New Cisco UCS X-Series

Recently, Cisco announced the brand new Cisco UCS X-Series.  At a glance, the Cisco UCS X-Series is a huge departure from the traditional Cisco UCS systems we’re used to, or is it?  While at a

Quick Ransomware Recovery with Veeam

I recently had the honor of being ransomware in the cloud, which was not totally unexpected.  After all, one of my greatest complaints about the cloud (you can read more about why I hate the

Enterprise Ready Managed Kubernetes as a Service with Rafay

Though Kubernetes has made significant headways into being accepted as the way forward in terms of how modern applications are developed, deployed and managed, the reality of the ecosystem that exists around containers and cloud

How to Install VMware vCenter Converter

VMware vCenter Converter is a great tool developed by VMware to convert your physical servers into virtual seamlessly. So that you don’t need to perform manual migration of data from physical server to virtual. In

VMware-Go-KCL – a Native Open Source Go Programming Language Library for Amazon Kinesis Data Stream Consumption

This post is co-authored by Connor McKelvey, Tao Jiang, Lavie Tobey, and Thiru Bhat. VMware-Go-KCL is a native open-source Go library for Amazon Kinesis Data Stream (KDS) consumption. It allows developers to program KDS consumers

7 Steps to Improve Your Cloud Security Posture Management

As enterprises continue to rapidly adopt cloud computing, cloud security remains a primary concern. According to Cybersecurity Insiders, 94% of cybersecurity professionals confirm they’re at least moderately concerned about public cloud security, with 69% of

Discovering Kubernetes-Ready Solutions for Cloud Native Applications

This post was co-authored by Cory Skimming, Senior Product Marketing Manger, and Shagun Tewari, Senior Manager, Product Marketing and Strategy. The way we architect and build applications has changed over the last decade or so.

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