What is VMware vSphere Essentials?

VMware has been the at the forefront of data center virtualization for over 15 years.  What started as a science experiment for many companies has become a huge part of their IT infrastructure strategy.  

The Simple Guide to VMware Certification

If you are looking to get started on the path to VMware certification, it can be a little bit confusing at first, especially as VMware’s certification organization continues to grow and evolve.  Luckily I have

Getting Started With VMware Certification: vSphere Foundations Exam

When it comes to starting your VMware certification path, there is something each and every VMware certification track has in common: the VMware vSphere Foundations exam.  Since it is required as part of each and


Disaster Recovery That Can Scale

  By Varinder Kumar, IT Director and Lalit Parashari, IT Disaster Recovery Manager   VMware understands that emergencies such as weather events, fire, data center failures, cyber attacks, and other crises are inevitable. An effective

Continuing to Get Set With PowerCLI and Standard vSwitches

In A Guide to Fumbling Through PowerCLI, we focused on how to get information on a vSphere environment through the VMware vSphere PowerCLI command line interface. Now, since we now have an idea on how

Cisco UCS 64108 Fabric Interconnect Deep Dive

Today we are going to take a look at one of the newest additions to the Cisco UCS family, the Cisco UCS 64108 Fabric Interconnect.  Don’t miss my Introduction to Cisco UCS Architecture, which talks about

How to Update an Expired vCenter Server License

Sometimes we are in a hurry when installing a vSphere environment and forget little things like entering license keys, especially the vCenter license key.   Remember, the vCenter license that comes with VMware vSphere, the

Cisco UCS Platform Emulator 4.1(2cPE1)

Recently, Cisco released version 4.1(2cPE1) of the Cisco UCS Platform Emulator.  Let’s take a closer look at what is in this release, and try something new. All About Cisco UCS Platform Emulator 4.1(2CPE1) This version

VeeamON 2020 & Technology General Session Recap

VeeamON 2020 is upon us, and I’ve been very busy preparing! I want to take a few moments to recap the Technology General Session, and a few other highlights from VeeamON 2020. If you didn’t


Four Questions That Set the Digital Transformation Agenda for VMware’s IT Team: VMware IT Performance Annual Report Highlights: Part Two

Part one of this series introduced four questions and responses that helped set the stage for VMware IT’s 2019 transformation plan. We covered the first two questions in that blog, and here we’ll take a

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