How to Install Windows Admin Center Step by Step

In our previous post we have learned about What is Windows Admin Center , It’s Architecture & Functionalities of the Windows Admin Center. You can easily perform your day to day tasks without login into server using Windows Admin Center. In this post we will see on How to Install Windows Admin Center.

Windows Admin Center installation process is quite simple. You don’t have to perform any additional configurations while installation. It also does not require any IIS, SQL Server & AD Server for installation.

If you don’t know what is Windows Admin Center, Have a look at our post:

What is Windows Admin Center ?

System requirements for installation Windows Admin Center:

  • OS requirements: Windows Server 2019, Windows 10, Windows Server 2016
  • Web Browsers: Latest version of Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome

That is the simple requirement to install & setup the Windows Admin center in your environment. Windows Admin center does not require any management agents to be installed on server for management. It does not require any IIS, SQL or AD to install the windows admin center.

To manage windows server 2012, 2012 R2 & 2008 R2 you must have WMF 5.1 installed in those servers.

Now we have learned many things about Windows admin center so let’s start with the installation.

Step 1:
First you need to download the installation setup from the Microsoft portal.

install windows admin center

Step 2:
Setup is very small it won’t take much time to download.
While writing this post we have got the below version of windows admin center. It will change in future with the newer releases.
Right click & run the setup.

install windows admin center

Step 3:
You will get the installation wizard for windows admin center.
Accept the license agreement & click Next.

install windows admin center

Step 4:
Here you can simply click Next to continue.

install windows admin center

Step 5:
You can keep the default settings or if you want you can change it.
Click Next to continue.

install windows admin center

Step 6:
Windows admin center runs on the browser hence it requires the port.
So if want you can use your custom port or you can use default 443 port.
If you have SSL Certificate than you can provide it here or you can go with the default self-signed SSL Certification.
Click Install to start the installation.

install windows admin center

Step 7:
Installation will take just few seconds.
Once installation is finished you will get the URL on which you can access the windows admin center.
Keep note of the URL & click Finish to exit the wizard.

install windows admin center

Now you can open the Windows Admin Center URL in the browser to access it.
You will be prompted for the login.
You can use your local system credentials or domain admin credentials as well.

install windows admin center

Once you login you will be presented with the below screen. This is the home page of the windows admin center which you will see every time when you login.

install windows admin center

That’s it, Using this way you can easily install windows admin center in your environment to manage & monitor your windows servers.

In next posts we will see on how you can add servers into windows admin center & how you can manage it.

Windows Admin center is the very good tool available for free without any license or cost. It makes IT team life very simple where they can simply manage all of their servers from single web browser.

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