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How VMware IT Maintains Security Across a Multi-Cloud Environment: Part Two

By: Brad Doctor, Senior Director, Information Security; Casey Lems, Senior Cloud Security Architect and Craig Savage, Security Solutions Strategist   In part one of our blog series about how to maintain security across a multi-cloud


How a Refresh of the My VMware Portal Improved the Customer Self-Service Experience

  By Pankaj Purwar, Director, IT Applications, VMware; Moin Tavargere, Senior Manager, IT Applications, VMware   When VMware IT initially launched the My VMware portal, they used the latest technologies available to build this portal. Over


Migrating SaaS Workloads to VMware Cloud on AWS

  By Gopinath Anantharaman, Sr. Director R&D; Arjun Basu, IT Director; Swapnil Hendre, Director, Solutions Engineering and Design; Ramanathan Meyyappan, Sr. Manager Application Services; Eric Rong, Technical Architect   The Challenge VMware IT builds, operates,

vCenter 6.7 Update 2: Error in creating a backup schedule

One of the improvements in vCenter 6.7 Update 2 includes Samba (SMB) protocol support for the built-in File-Based Backup and Restore. Excited about the news, I decided to test this functionality and backup data to

A Home Lab Basics: Part 1 – An automated ESXi installation

Over time almost every virtualisation specialist asks himself a simple question: ‘Do I need a home lab?’ In recent years, this topic has become more and more popular. Many top bloggers write at least once

A tip when using the vCenter Server Converge Tool

As you might know, VMware is dropping support for the external Platform Services Controller (PSC) deployment model with the next major release of vSphere. To make a smooth transition, you have to use a command-line

vSphere 6.5: Additional considerations when migrating to VMFS-6 – Part 2

In the Part 1 of this series, I was writing about the most common cases which might prevent a successful migration to VMFS-6. There is another one to cover. For ESXi hosts that boot from a flash

‘Response with status: 401 Unauthorized for URL’ while performing Update Manager tasks on Firefox in vSphere 6.5

Updating to vCenter Server 6.5 Update 2d has brought long-awaited support for the vSphere Update Manager (VUM) functionality to vSphere Client. However, you should be aware of some incompatibility between a VUM plug-in in vSphere

IMPORTANT: Removing a virtual machine folder from inventory deletes the VMs within it from disk when using the vSphere Client

VMware has recently released a new KB 65207 warning about this issue. Normally, all powered off VMs would be unregistered from vCenter when you remove a parent folder that includes those objects using the vSphere

VMUG: It’s official – VMUG UserCon 2019 on March 19 in Sydney!

What is a UserCon? Deep-dive sessions and hands-on trainings Unparalleled access to VMware experts Networking with other IT and security professionals Exclusive previews of what’s coming next from VMware Resources to support you on your