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IoT All the Things: Special Projects Ed. | S1 Ep6 | Special Needs & Espressif’s RainMaker Platform

In the newest Special Projects Edition of IoT All the Things, our SA hosts Tim & Erin meet with Espressif’s Director of Engineering for a discussion about RainMaker & how it’s applied to assist those

Building DevOps Solutions with Amazon Timestream, Open Source Telegraf and Grafana

Learn how you can configure your DevOps applications using open source Telegraf to send data to Amazon Timestream without changing a single line of application code. Learn more about using Timestream with open source Telegraf

How to Launch Amazon SageMaker Notebooks

This video explains how to launch an Amazon SageMaker Notebook instance. We go through all the steps you need to set up lifecycle configurations and using Git and VPC attachments in Amazon SageMaker so you

Quickly Launch Amazon SageMaker Notebooks

To help you get started faster with Amazon SageMaker Notebooks, we show you to how to set up lifecycle configurations and attach to Git repositories so you can start building machine learning models in minutes.

Automate Data Extraction and Analysis from Documents with Machine Learning

Instantly extract text and data from virtually any document without manual effort, by using intelligent document processing services from AWS. Increase the accuracy of extracted data, improve employee productivity, and reduce costs with machine learning.

Personalize Customer Recommendations with Machine Learning

Improve customer engagement and conversion, and differentiate your business by creating personalized web experiences tailored to individual customer preferences. Machine learning (ML) can help organizations deliver highly personalized experiences across digital channels through recommendations, curated

How to Build This: Add Personalization to Your Apps

Start building on AWS today! Learn how to incorporate personalization into your apps – no ML experience required! We’ll demonstrate this by using the example of an app that recommends courses for students. #howtobuildthis

Disrupting Within: The New Playbook

In the 1920’s, NFL stats were pretty limited—from who scored a touchdown, to how many passes were thrown, to what the weather looked like. Today, the NFL has embraced stats in a whole new way—working