Automate Data Extraction and Analysis from Documents with Machine Learning

Instantly extract text and data from virtually any document without manual effort, by using intelligent document processing services from AWS. Increase the accuracy of extracted data, improve employee productivity, and reduce costs with machine learning. AWS offers several flexible approaches to implement a machine learning-based intelligent document processing solution to automatically extract, process, and analyze data from the documents that drive your business. For organizations who are looking to get started with intelligent document processing solutions today, with no ML experience required, AWS offers services such as Amazon Textract, Amazon Comprehend, and Amazon A2I. Combined together or used separately, these AWS Services can provide a powerful way to reduce cost and manual effort, and improve your business outcomes. Organizations that want to develop their own machine learning models for intelligent document processing can use Amazon SageMaker, a fully managed service that helps data scientists and ML developers build, train, and deploy DIY machine learning models quickly. Learn more about improving your business outcomes with intelligent document processing at – Subscribe: More AWS videos More AWS events videos #AWS #MachineLearning

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