Quick Intro: KubeVirt… Where Kubernetes and VMs meet!

I’ll admit that when I first saw the KubeVirt appear on my radar I thought that someone was pulling my leg… Kubernetes rise in the IT professionals day to day vernacular has resulted in a

Continuous Data Protection – An Introduction as to the WHY?

Continuous Data Protection (CDP) is a technology that has been around for a while. Lots of companies have looked to leverage it within their products and, as IT professionals the advantage that it gives us

What CTOs Want Sys Admins to Know About Cloud

System administrators, or sys admins, have long been the unsung heroes of enterprises, often forgoing sleep or meals to keep essential applications up and running for a company’s customers and users, no matter the problem.

Cloud Economics, Incentives and Eating Bugs

As a cloud economist at VMware, I think a lot about the process of how humans make decisions. In previous articles, I have written about how economics evolved, in a larger sense, with the arrival

The Economics of VMC on Dell EMC

Over the past year, in my work as a Cloud Economist here at VMware supporting the VMC on Dell EMC offering, I’ve had the privilege to run TCO analysis with many organizations across multiple industries

Winning the 2020 Google Cloud Technology Partner of the Year – Infrastructure Modernization Award

We are celebrating two important milestones this month in our partnership with Google Cloud. First, VMware jointly launched Google Cloud VMware Engine with Google Cloud one year ago. Second, I am honored to announce that

Deploying More Secure Applications in Your Development Pipeline with CloudHealth Secure State and VMware Code Stream

Let’s be honest, most companies have either moved or are moving to a continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) application development model. With the move to this model, the need to integrate security into the process is

How Salesforce Optimizes Multi-Cloud Costs With CloudHealth by VMware

Last week we held our quarterly VMware Multi-Cloud Briefing, a global online event dedicated to enabling organizations to accelerate multi-cloud strategies in a rapidly changing world. Our focus for this quarter’s event was on managing

Multi-Cloud Use Maturity – Make sure DevOps practices are solid

This is part 4 in a series on multi-cloud use maturity.  A comprehensive eBook that includes the entire multi-cloud use maturity framework can be found here.  Today we take a look at the role of

Finding Utility in the World of DeFi Crypto

Beyond the Elon tweets and the promise of massive profits that is drawing more people than ever into the world of crypto there is something else brewing literally under the surface of the blockchains. While

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