VMware Hosting – Virtualizing Business Critical Applications

LOGO1Get More from your Software-Defined Data Center with Business Critical Application Virtualization

Virtualizing critical applications on vSphere improves their health and administration.

Get maximum use of hardware resources without compromising application performance.
Make your applications more mobile and easily migrated to any server in the environment, without downtime in many cases, by decoupling the application and operating system from the server hardware.
Add an additional layer of baseline availability that compliments most internal application or operating system availability functions.

Add the vCloud Suite to Monitor, Automate, and Protect You Business Critical Applications

In addition to the benefits provided by the standard functions within vSphere, VMware management products can add significant value and help you achieve more benefits of the software-defined data center and enterprise website hosting solution.

VMware vCenter Operations Manager monitors the health and performance of your business critical  running on vSphere, using self-learning Performance Analytics. Dashboards can be customized to provide information about application health and efficiency. Pro-active smart alerts related to the health of your environment allow you to quickly identify and remediate potential issues, before they impact your applications.
Read Monitoring Business Critical Applications with VMware vCenter Operations Manager.
VMware vCloud Automation Center along with vCenter Orchestrator can automate your private and hybrid cloud solutions, allowing for provisioning, migration, configuration and orchestration of your business critical application deployments. These automated solutions can be executed at the touch of a button or incorporated into a larger organizational workflow.
VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager simplifies, automates, and self-documents the complex disaster recovery processes needed to recover business critical applications. Site Recovery Manager can complement existing application-specific HA and DR solutions giving you holistic control of all recovery processes from a single tool.

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